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Incorporating the disciplines of Japanese traditional paintings and utilizing them for the traditional lacquer crafts, a whole new world of lacquer paintings and lacquer prints was created by the artist and refined over more than half a century. The fame of works and artist was spread immediately domestically and overseas, counting too many renowned celebrities as collectors to listing them here. To name a few, the artist was honoured by the Japanese Emperor, the noble house of Takamatsunomiya, Ishibashi buke, followed by important members of society like Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda and famous political and business persons worldwide treasured the work: Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Prime Ministers and Kings of several countries like India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia. After being threatened by severe illness, the return to his atelier in order to complete several unfinished artworks is not only a miracle but a proof of the extraordinary mental strength this artists soul was committed to lacquer art, committing his life to a material known for its strenth and durability, lasting several thousand years.


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